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A fun NCRLC 2021 Biennial Convention for all!
Congratulations to Claudia Rodgers Award Winners: 
Dale Folwell for 2020
Mike Causey for 2019
Allen Chesser for 2018
Congratulations to the new Board:
Chair: Allen Chesser, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#1
Treasurer: Greg Grissom, incumbent
Secretary: Erik Wilson incumbent Chair
1st VC: Nic Haag, incumbent
2nd VC: Adiel Wilson, incumbent Secretary
3rd VC: Brandon Deal, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#3
At-Larg 1: Matthew Cobb, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#6
At-Large 2: Marcus Bland, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#4
At-Large 3: Maverick Doane
At-Large 4: Thomas Hill, incumbent
At-Large 5: David Perry, incumbent
Alt At-Large 1: Steve Mattison
Alt At-Large 2: Jessica Cunningham
Alt At-Large 3: Will Beasly
Alt At-Large 4: Hunter Bowen
Alt At-Large 5: Thomas Grissom

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Thank you for helping spread the message of Liberty and Justice for all!

What We Do
“Educate and inform the whole mass of people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty.”
-Thomas Jefferson

Welcome to our new website!

April 10th 2021 
We finally wrangled our website back to life after being down for over two years! Hooray! Keep checking back daily to see updates, additions, expansions, integrations, etc. Our goal is to create value for our members, as we are here to grow and serve. Tour around and if you don't see the aspect or item here you are looking for then click the feedback form under 'Contact Us' under the 'About' drop down.
-Chair Erik Wilson

Some NC-RLC members photographed with the newly elected Board September 2019. 

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