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A fun NCRLC 2021 Biennial Convention for all!
Congratulations to Claudia Rodgers Award Winners: 
Dale Folwell for 2020
Mike Causey for 2019
Allen Chesser for 2018
Congratulations to the new Board:
Chair: Allen Chesser, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#1
Treasurer: Greg Grissom, incumbent
Secretary: Erik Wilson incumbent Chair
1st VC: Nic Haag, incumbent
2nd VC: Adiel Wilson, incumbent Secretary
3rd VC: Brandon Deal, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#3
At-Larg 1: Matthew Cobb, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#6
At-Large 2: Marcus Bland, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#4
At-Large 3: Maverick Doane
At-Large 4: Thomas Hill, incumbent
At-Large 5: David Perry, incumbent
Alt At-Large 1: Steve Mattison
Alt At-Large 2: Jessica Cunningham
Alt At-Large 3: Will Beasly
Alt At-Large 4: Hunter Bowen
Alt At-Large 5: Thomas Grissom

State NC RLC Convention & Constitution Day Luncheon

We held our State Convention around Constitution Day: Noon September 25th, 2021*at Tobacco Road Sports Cafe & Brewery. 

Speakers thus far are NC Treasurer Dale Folwell & our Policy Director Allen Chesser; & Regional Director Erik Wilson

    Constitution Day Luncheon tickets are available for:
Bronze: $25/person($50/couple)
      includes one dinner and a non-alcoholic drink per person.
Silver: $40/person($80/couple),
      includes membership dues if expired, one non-alcoholic drink, and dessert per person.
Gold: $60 per person($110/couple)
      includes membership dues if expired, one non-alcoholic drink, one alcoholic drink, and dessert per person. Plus thanks on our website!
Titanium: $100/person($180/couple)
        includes membership dues if expired, two non-alcoholic drinks, two alcoholic drinks, and dessert per person. Plus one tee-shirt with our logo on it and thanks on our website.
Platinum: $200/person($360/couple)
        includes membership dues if expired, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, two alcoholic drinks, and dessert per person. Plus two tee-shirts with our logo on it and thanks on our website!

The main course is an awesome fajita bar with various types of meet, grilled veggies and other toppings.
see Tobacco Road's Menu for further info. There will be an additional cash bar on premises.

*Correction: Apologies for the date adjustment from the 18th to the 25th of September 2021. 
~Convention Committee April 22nd 2021

Seats are limited so click the button below to secure your seat today!

Wake County RLC Presents:
Defend the Gaurd

Join Wake RLC October 21st 2021 for a talk by our Policy Director Allen Chesser on the issue of defending our National Guard. Allen has served in the US Armed Forces and in combat before serving as a local police officer. Allen will explain why and how we can protect and defend our guard, who protect and defend our homeland, from overuse, abuse and particularly being sent on overseas deployment when no declaration of war in place often for extended periods of time.
This issue also impacts the level of readiness and availability to respond to disasters at home as well as the health and safety of individual guard families. 
We had tried to do this event August 2021 but the power went out to the entire block and surrounding blocks.

Meeting Place: Sammy's Tap & Grill at 2235 Avent Ferry Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606
Chapter Business meeting typically starts at 7:30 PM.

Carolina RLC Shooting match 2021

Who doesn't love the idea of our two chapters getting together for a good clean fun shooting event at a nice gun range facility centrally located? NC-RLC had a great success doing their first annual Second Amendment Event in Raleigh, NC in Feb 2020 but couldn't repeat the same plan in 2021 due to covid making it economically unsound. 
Possibly the first of what could become annual event, this idea was born out of our two chapters close cooperation and friendship. As many chapters around the country struggle, the South and North Carolina chapters have stood the test of time to consistently be there and be out in the field doing the heavy lifting. We must build on that; sharing: best practices, knowledge, training, volunteers, encouragement, advice, etc. 
We're still looking for a venue so contact us with your ideas! Somewhere around Charlotte, NC one year and then somewhere along the coast the next? As NC's mountain and coast are a huge difference. Let your state Chair and Event Committee know your preference. and

NCGOP 2021 Convention Recruiting Effort

We had a good outreach effort with our booth and hospitality suite seeing old and new friends June 5th & 6th in Greenville this year.
We will have both a recruiting booth in the convention hall and a hospitality suite again next year in Greensboro.
Please donate if you'd like support this effort for '22.

Other meetings to note:

NC RLC Ex Com: 4th Thursdays 8pm    Members Only: Request Access
National RLC Ex Com: 2nd Sundays 7pm     Members Only: Request Access
Liberty After Dark Podcast: 2nd Thursdays show: ~7:30p; dur 30/45min
Wake County RLC Liberty On The Rocks Social: 1st Fridays 8pm, on pause since Feb. 2020.

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