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The Claudia Rodgers Award

The NC RLC, in an effort to encourage more members to be bold and effective and to honor our late member, Claudia Rodgers, the NCRLC created this award in her name.

Claudia Rodgers was one of the first female Marine Corps Soldiers. She served honorably in the Marine Recon field. After said service, she continued to work behind the political scenes here in NC, working to root out corrupt officials, including then current Governor(s) who subsequently were brought to (some) justice.

Claudia Rodgers passed away shortly before this award was created. She always worked behind the scenes, playing her part, always avoiding any lime light, seeking recognition or fame. She was humble and focused on the mission of saving America and Liberty. 

Starting in 2013, the NC RLC, awarded it's first ever Claudia Rodgers Award to Representative Micheal Speciale.
In 2015, at our regular biennial convention, this award went to Representative Larry Pittman.
And in Greensboro, 2016, at our Luncheon, we awarded this honor to Representative John Blust.
At our 2017 Convention, we retroactively honored former Representative Glen Bradley for his prior years of service in the GA.

Due to the lack of advance planning by the BOD in 2019, we failed to award this honor at our convention. However, at our 2021 Biennial Convention we were able to Award this high honor to three recipients:
Allen Chesser for 2018 for being a champion and beacon of Liberty in NC.
Mike Causey for 2019 for exposing corruption in NC and beyond.
Dale Folwell for 2020 for his fight for medical price transparency in NC.
We were honored to have Dale speak at our convention on the state of the NC Treasury.

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