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A fun NCRLC 2021 Biennial Convention for all!
Congratulations to Claudia Rodgers Award Winners: 
Dale Folwell for 2020
Mike Causey for 2019
Allen Chesser for 2018
Congratulations to the new Board:
Chair: Allen Chesser, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#1
Treasurer: Greg Grissom, incumbent
Secretary: Erik Wilson incumbent Chair
1st VC: Nic Haag, incumbent
2nd VC: Adiel Wilson, incumbent Secretary
3rd VC: Brandon Deal, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#3
At-Larg 1: Matthew Cobb, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#6
At-Large 2: Marcus Bland, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#4
At-Large 3: Maverick Doane
At-Large 4: Thomas Hill, incumbent
At-Large 5: David Perry, incumbent
Alt At-Large 1: Steve Mattison
Alt At-Large 2: Jessica Cunningham
Alt At-Large 3: Will Beasly
Alt At-Large 4: Hunter Bowen
Alt At-Large 5: Thomas Grissom

State NC RLC Convention 2021

We held our State Convention in Raleigh around Constitution Day: Saturday September 25th, 2021 at Tobacco Road Cafe & Brewery, 505 West Jones Street, Raleigh NC. Noon start time.
We celebrated Constitution Day and enjoyed wonderful speakers as well as our Claudia Rodgers Award Ceremony. We had an excellent fajita bar.
Current Claudia Rodgers Award Winners for 2018, 2019, 2020 are: Allen Cheser, Mike Causey, Dale Folwell! 

NCRLC 2021 Constitution Day Luncheon

Whether it's a convention year or not, we have been holding an annual Constitution Day Celebration every year since 2016 with 2020 as an exception due to the closures of venue and hardships with planning and travel.
We will have both a convention and a Constitution Day Celebration Luncheon again this year in Raleigh.

The main course is an awesome fajita bar with various types of meet, grilled veggies and other toppingsand sides.
see Tobacco Road's Menu for further info. There will be an additional cash bar on premises.
Tickets are available for:
Bronze: $25/person($50/couple)
      includes one dinner and a non-alcoholic drink per person.
Silver: $40/person($80/couple),
      includes membership dues if expired, one non-alcoholic drink, and dessert per person.
Gold: $60 per person($110/couple)
      includes membership dues if expired, one non-alcoholic drink, one alcoholic drink, and dessert per person. Plus a big thank you on our website!
Titanium: $100/person($180/couple)
        includes membership dues if expired, two non-alcoholic drinks, two alcoholic drinks, and dessert per person. Plus one tee-shirt with our logo on it and a special thank you on our website.
Platinum: $200/person($360/couple)
        includes membership dues if expired, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, two alcoholic drinks, and dessert per person. Plus two tee-shirts with our logo on it and a huge thank you on our website!

*Correction: Apologies for the date adjustment from the 18th to the 25th of September 2021.
~Convention Committee April 22nd 2021

Seats are limited so click the button below to secure your seat today!

Past State Conventions

2021: Raleigh NC, September 25th 2021 at Tobacco Road
2019: Raleigh NC, September 2019 at Tobacco Road
2017: Raleigh, NC, September at Tobacco Road 
2015: Raleigh, NC, Summer 2015 at The Architect 
2013: Charlotte NC, June 6th 2013 
2007: re-chartered?
2005: Not chartered?
1991: Re-chartered under new national RLC
1989: Pre-National org NC statewide chapter 

Note a different group reportedly used the name in the early-mid 80s; possibly a PAC; lead by Vernon Robinson.

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