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A fun NCRLC 2021 Biennial Convention for all!
Congratulations to Claudia Rodgers Award Winners: 
Dale Folwell for 2020
Mike Causey for 2019
Allen Chesser for 2018
Congratulations to the new Board:
Chair: Allen Chesser, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#1
Treasurer: Greg Grissom, incumbent
Secretary: Erik Wilson incumbent Chair
1st VC: Nic Haag, incumbent
2nd VC: Adiel Wilson, incumbent Secretary
3rd VC: Brandon Deal, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#3
At-Larg 1: Matthew Cobb, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#6
At-Large 2: Marcus Bland, incumbent Alt-At-Lrg#4
At-Large 3: Maverick Doane
At-Large 4: Thomas Hill, incumbent
At-Large 5: David Perry, incumbent
Alt At-Large 1: Steve Mattison
Alt At-Large 2: Jessica Cunningham
Alt At-Large 3: Will Beasly
Alt At-Large 4: Hunter Bowen
Alt At-Large 5: Thomas Grissom

July 3rd 2021

Allen Chesser Spoke at New Hanover RLC

Saturday morning NC RLC Policy Director Allen Chesser spoke to the New Hanover County RLC chapter about the issue of NC's national guard being sent to fight in undeclared overseas wars. Dir. Chesser and the NCRLC Policy Committee are drafting model legislation like the 'Defend the Guard Act'. Texas Republican Party made this part of their party platform. 

Matthew Cobb

Welcome new Board Member

Welcome to our newest Board Member, Matthew Cobb, of Raleigh, NC, serving as Alternate At-Large #6, replacing Rachel Mills, who stepped down to move to Florida with her Husband and two sons, as of our last executive committee meeting June 24th 2021.

Matthew Cobb has been passionate about liberty from a young age. From dressing up as George Washington in Kindergarten to enlisting in the U.S. Army Reserve straight out of High School, Matthew has always sought to promote and protect America’s founding principles, liberty being chief among them. Born and raised on “the edge of nowhere” just outside of Goldsboro NC, he moved to Raleigh following a tour of duty in Afghanistan to attend NC State. Matthew graduated Summa Cum Laude from NC State with a BA in Political Science and worked as an intern for former State Senator Andrew Brock as part of NC State’s Legislative Internship program. He has worked as an activist for various conservative and libertarian aligned groups including the Leadership Institute and Americans for Prosperity and currently works in IT as a Network Engineer to pay the bills. When not at his day job Matthew enjoys growing in his faith in Jesus Christ, video games, watching pro wrestling, and having a good political debate.

“It doesn’t matter how smart you are unless you stop and think.” Dr. Thomas Sowell

NC RLC endorses Erik Wilson for RLC Chair!

Erik has worked hard to rebuild both the NC state chapter as well as the national RLC after we lost many members in 2016. Though many speculate we lost many members due to Rand Paul dropping out of the Presidential election, Erik believes it is still important, and in fact, even more important now than ever, to grow the RLC and teach the principles the org was founded around.
~June 24th 2021

Brandon Deal and Wife

Welcome new Board Member

Welcome to our newest Board Member, Brandon Deal, of Fayetteville, NC, serving as Alternate At-Large #3, replacing Matthew Blackmon, who stepped down to focus on his business, as of our last executive committee meeting April 22nd 2021.

Brandon Deal has been working behind the scenes for many years furthering the Liberty movement. From activism to hosting a Military Veteran focused radio show, Brandon has been working to shed light on the overreach, miss-use, and abuse via unconstitutional laws.

When not spending time at home with his family, Brandon is working campaigns, following legislation, and reaching across the state in efforts to build our grass roots activism and spread the message of TRUE LIBERTY.

Brandon is in his third year of membership with the RLC and we're excited to have another passionate and skilled patriot at the helm.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
-Sir Edmund Burke

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- Brian Lewis, Editor in Chief

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