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Gone yet not forgotten.

We dedicate this space to the honor the memory of members past who though gone, left a lasting impact on our hearts, memory and organization.

Todd Mars Bennett, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, long time Vice Chair, and star recruiter. June 17th 1966 - Sept 17th 2017

Steve Herr, Husband, Father, Telephone-lineman, former Chair and creator of our Judicial candidate survey. 3/30/52 - 4/2/19

Melissa Dawn Blackmon, Wife, Mother, national security analyst, long time member, gone too soon.  April 18th 1977 - Oct. 29th, 2014. (Pictured with Ron Paul on the left)

Chris Spruyt, founder of the Wake County RLC, National Security Analyst & long time member. - 2018

Kelly Bennett, Wife of Todd Mars Bennett, Mother, Secretary, dedicated organizer-activist, and long time member. July 18th 1961- Sept 25th 2018

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