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Steps to Starting a Local Chapter

Step 0: Become a member or renew. Contact your state, regional or national RLC end inform them of your intention and ask for assistance. The RLC will help give advance notice of the initial inaugural events.

Step 1: Plan and execute initial interest meeting(s), call for new members to join before and at the start of EVERY meeting.
Have at least 7 dues paid members to conduct the initial business:

Step 2: Open the floor for nominations & submit model bylaws to the body.
Schedule a meeting for at least 30 days from then to allow for proper notice to any and all members in the area.
The State Chapter will assist in giving this proper notice to members, past and present. Step 1 & 2 can be done at the same meeting but usually don't.

Step 3: After thirty days from nominations being open, hold an election of officers unless there is less than 7 members.

Step 4:
Approve bylaws after considering and voting on any amendments offered to the bylaws. Step 3 & 4 can be done at the same meeting but usually don't.

Step 5: Submit Documents for verification: 1. Chapter Roster of members 2. Roster of Officers 3. Bylaws & 4. Meeting Minutes from all initial meetings until the present.

Step 6: The NC RLC Executive Committee reviews and checks all submitted records for accuracy and compliance and approves if all parameters are satisfied.

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