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A movement that will outlast the individual.

We are gathered here to ensure that our posterity and beyond will inherit the Liberty our founders and forebears sacrificed for and enshrined, to their best abilities, so that the torch of liberty will never extinguish and instead burn increasingly brighter. To shift our culture to be one that cherishes Liberty and Justice for all, instead of vanity, greed, self-aggrandizement, and instant gratification, we spend our time, treasure and sacred honor to form this organization. You can see how echo chambers of partisanship attempt to turn off critical thinking, unity, and reconciliation, instead to foster only love-of-power, division and fear; These destructive forces require a foil. We believe in organizing around a clear set of principles, building a supportive community and harnessing constructive debate for our posterity's best. We are a volunteer group so we challenge every member to look in the mirror and ask themselves reasonably, what they can and should do for this effort. It's a republic for, of and by the people, only if we can keep it... Join or start a local chapter today!
In Liberty,
Erik J. Wilson
NC-RLC Chairman

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